The scout

The scout is skilled in surviving & managing on their own.. far from the streets of a city. Scouts are Warriors of the Wilderness. They serve as the eyes and ears of the group, they are the captain in charge.Scouts are natural born leaders. They are hyper vigilant, the first to spot opportunities & threats. Being a scout means you will forever be guided in understanding yourself and the wonders of the world. A scout is loyal, trustworthy & brave. Does this sound like you? Then The Scout is the pair for you.


Do you spend more time on yourlaptopthan with the LOYL(love of your life)? Same, sis.

But due to the overexposure ofblue lightcoming from your precious screens, you may experience: dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, overactive brain function causing sleep cycle disruption.. sounds familiar? Then you could definitely benefit from blue light blocking glasses.

For total goal diggers like you, we decided to make the prettiest blue light blockers. Each pair comes with a pink faux leather pink case & a cleaning cloth.

The Scout is made of high quality handmadeacetate.

Size: 51-18-142

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