The rebel

She refuses to accept the status quo as her truth, she refuses to follow conventions 'just because it's always been this way'. She's paving the path towards her dreams & goals and follows an extraordiary path to get there.

She's wild, like a tornado, a truth-seeker. And she's passionate to say the least. She is untamed.. she is the Rebel. ⚡️


Do you spend more time on yourlaptopthan with the LOYL(love of your life)? Same, sis.

But due to the overexposure ofblue lightcoming from your precious screens, you may experience: dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, overactive brain function causing sleep cycle disruption.. sounds familiar? Then you could definitely benefit from blue light blocking glasses.

For total goal diggers like you, we decided to make the prettiest blue light blockers. Each pair comes with a pink faux leather pink case & a cleaning cloth.

The Rebel is made of high quality handmate acetate.


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