Power planner - Antwerp Avenue

Deze power planner van Antwerp Avenue kan jij volledig naar jouw hand zetten.

Je kan je dromen en doelen gaan noteren, maar je kan hem ook gewoon gebruiken als agenda.

Roze en klaar voor actie. Wat kan je nog meer willen!!!

You’re an absolutegoal digger,babe. And you’ve tried and tested multiple apps, systems & schedulers but you always revert back to justwriting on paperto get organised. And you really wànt to get organised. Why is that? To hit your goals, ‘cause they’re BIG. You know what? You totally can hit those big bigbig goals, because together with our AA girl gang (you!), we made this Power Planner.

We've worked very hard to meet all your needs, to create something you will love, you will use, and you will cherish. For my minimalist sisters, I created a black version. The sisters wholive & breathe black; who would trade their siblings for more black fashion in their lives. Black makes you feelpowerful & sophisticated, and that's what we want the Power Planner to do for you. Be unapologetically sophisticated. Be an UNAPOLOGETICALLY POWERFUL WOMAN.

Turn your dreams into planswith the Power Planner, because it will absolutely change your life.

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