Magnesium Scrub - of the island

Magnesium Scrub is a wellness product of the future. Today we expose our bodies to an unprecedented amount of toxins in the form of pollution, chemicals, un-natural foods, and our minds to an overload of information and stress. Throughout all of history, humans have never experienced the living conditions that we currently live with. It is time to care for and support our bodies and minds in a new way that will help us to survive and thrive into the future. It starts with maintaining a balance of magnesium in our bodies. Magnesium is needed by all cells in the body for energy to do their job well. It is crucial for over 600 enzymatic processes in the body and counting.

Packaged in high quality, luxurious MIRON violet glass jar to showcase your Magnesium Scrub as bathroom decor and keep it close at hand for daily use. Once you have used up the product, rinse the jar and use it as part of your home apothecary or kitchen pantry to store sugar, flour, spices... or your DIY creations and much more.

How to Use OF THE ISLANDS Magnesium Scrub™:

Scoop our 1 - 2 teaspoons of scrub onto your OF THE ISLANDS treatment dish. Works best while skin is still dry, so step into the shower and before turning on the water scrub small amounts in circular motion all over your body. Turn on the water and feel a light warming effect as water interacts with magnesium. You can also do the scrub before getting into a bath.


Water, Pure 100% Natural Magnesium Chloride - Zechstein Inside®, Sodium Chloride (eco harvested Atlantic salt), Hydroxypropyl Strarch Phosphate (vegetable starch).

Zechstein Inside® is the purest natural magnesium from the evaporated ancient Zechstein Sea. It existed 250 million years ago at the time of Pangaea as the largest body of highly salinated water, evaporating over the course of millions of years to become the purest layer of magnesium salt. Today Zechstein Sea is a salt layer 1500 meters underground spanning what is currently the North Sea, Southeastern coast of England, Northern Europe stretching all the way to Poland.

Don't forget, there is no ONE magic bottle, cream, pill, exercise or food. Wellness is an ongoing journey of keeping a delicate balance with proper supplementation, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle customized just for you. It's a journey of discovery and continuous adjustment. It's an exciting road into the future!